Photos by Delante Armani.

Holiday season is still upon us and I am still on my sparkly clothing [semi] boycott from my last post. The stores are even crazier with last minute gift shopping in full effect, and now NYE “plans” (meaning everything is really just tentative) are starting to take place. For me though, all of my gifts are bought (but not wrapped LOL) and I’m still looking for ways to be all shiny and what not without the “one time use” uncomfortable sequin attire and honestly, I think I may have found it…


Don’t get me wrong now, I LOVE blingy things like any other super fabulous girly girl but I also love comfort.  And when it comes to long days and even longer nights out, I can’t compromise it.  Yes, we all wanna be “poppin” and be the statement of the party when we go out but once your dress rips because you bought it too tight on purpose or you’re walking with a limp due to some type of heel issue, trust me, you’re no longer cute to anybody….so why risk it?


Now this look is more casual so it can  be for everyday year-round,not just the holidays, but any outfit can have a little sparkle regardless. No matter what the look may be, over-the-top accessories will almost always be a win-win solution and this choker from Neckpeace Inc., was just that for me.


With one of my new fave things being monochromatic looks, I needed just the right piece to make it pop…and BOOM there it was (not to mention chokers are STILL like my absolute favorite thing).  With the sweater being a deeper cut V-neck, it was also the perfect accessories to take up some of the open chest space w/ it being a little wider than the norm.  In my opinion, it’s really the piece that completed the look and had me shining bright!


Now even though it seems like it’s been going forever, the holiday season will soon come to an end but chokers and sparkly accessories won’t.  There will always be a need for a statement piece or two and when you need one, be sure to check out Neckpeace Inc.  Their sequin chokers are just the tip of the iceberg and comes in other colors and widths so make sure to follow them @NeckpeaceInc and tell them I sent you.  Also, be sure to follow me @TheChloeBrand for more exclusives and pics.  Until next time guys!

-xoxo Chloe


Other Outfit Details:

  • Sweater + Leggings + Other Accessories : Charlotte Russe
  • Shoes : ShoeDazzle
  • Bag : Thrifted


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